One powerful, projected laser line.

One incredibly compact wearable device

One | m+ projects a laser line in front of the wearer, ensuring social distance is understood and observed.

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Developed by a team of UK engineers using LITE LINE technology, One | m+ ® projects a bright laser line in front of you, marking out your safe space. So no matter where you go, your personal space remains yours alone.

Small & Mighty

One | m+ ® is so small and lightweight that it can be worn discreetly on any item of clothing, effortlessly blending in with your outfit while still giving you peace of mind for hours on a single charge of its built-in battery.

How you wear your One | m+ ® is up to you. Simply attach it to your choice of clothing with the easy-to-use magnet badge or even put it on your keyring or desk. Adjust the distance of the projected line according to our simple three-step instructions and you’re ready to go.

No matter the time of day or location, One | m+ ® will project a perfectly visible laser line to ensure you remain perfectly safe and can maintain physical social distancing.


Set up in seconds

  1. Measure your defined physical distance by laying the included.
    charging cable out in front of you in a straight line.
  2. Attach One | m+ to yourself using the supplied attachments.
  3. Rotate the laser line to meet the length of the cable.

Choose your distance

One | m+®is more than just a name.
Choose the space in which you feel safest up to a
maximum of 2m and then set the line accordingly.
With One | m+®, you are in control.

Designed to Perform, Made to Be Worn

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  • Pioneering technology delivers unrivalled performance and state-of-the-art laser optics capability.
  • Optimised battery life ensures you can wear with confidence.
  • Extremely lightweight construction for zero-snag, all-day comfort.
  • Miniaturised circuitry makes One | m+ ® incredibly compact and discreet when worn yet powerful enough to keep you safe.

One | m+ ® is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom using UK aerospace engineering and manufacturing expertise.

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COVID-19 live data

COVID-19 is continuing to sweep across the planet at an unprecedented rate.

Nations that previously declared themselves free of the virus are now witnessing a resurgence in cases. Others have found themselves mired in an ongoing fight to stem the spread.

Always remember:
Wash your hands.
Wear a face-covering.
Observe social distancing.
Confirmed (24h)
Deaths (24h)
Recovered (24h)

Staying safe is affordable

One | m+ Is available to purchase from our website.
Corporate packages are now available for registered businesses.

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Physical social distancing is proven to aid slowing the spread of viruses and save lives.
One | m+ ®