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Where is the best place to attach the One | m+?2020-09-29T23:57:11+01:00

Where you wear or use One | m+ is really up to you.
We do have some tips and tricks on how to position and how to choose the best location for the unit.

Below we have outlined the Primary (best) and Secondary (next best) areas to wear One | m+.

The primary area is the best place as this is central to your body, easily accessible to turn on and off and in the least likely place to get knocked or obstructed.
Of course – there are many times that this location may not be favourable – so aiming to fix to the secondary area should be the next step.

If this isn’t an option then experiment with other locations on your body/clothing.

One | m+ wearing zones

Primary and Secondary zones for locating One | m+

We have used Lanyards, Pin badges on our clothes (with the magnet to hold it in place), messenger bag straps, pockets, hoods and even at the top of the arm.

Many of these solutions are sub-optimal but its better than no guide at all and it still acts as a reminder to you and others around that social distancing is to be observed.

We will look at more ways to mount and adapt One | m+ to make it better, simpler and easier to use. If you have thoughts on how best to go about this we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us through our social media channels below.

One | m+ uses a laser – How safe is this?2020-09-29T23:55:54+01:00

When used correctly and properly One | m+ is perfectly safe for everyday use – providing you follow the guidelines.

Beware of immitation products – we have spent months testing many laser systems and have developed LITE LINE ™ Technology to ensure the laser we supply is of the standard we say. Many imported lasers are much more powerful than stated and are dangerous or illegal.

We have certified supply partners for our technology carrying ISO9001 accreditations and other relevant ISO approvals.

If you wish to find out more about lasers in general we have listed a few sites for you to read and help you to understand.

Laser Safety Facts

One | m+ Laser Safety

UK Government Website – Laser Information

How do I use the Universal and Integrated Clips?2020-09-29T23:56:37+01:00

Quite possibly the most complex part of One | m+ are the clips.
That’s not to say they are complicated – just that One | m+ is so simple and easy to use.

There are two clips –

  1. Integrated
  2. Universal

These clips are designed to be used separately and in conjunction with each other to offer more placement and securing options for a variety of situations and orientations.

Integrated Clip
integrated clip

The integrated/captive clip can be used to fix One | m+ to clothing.
It is best suited for when the unit is to be used horizontally on a vertical opening (such as a shirt or jacket).

The integrated clip also acts as a stowage/holder for the universal clip.

Universal Clip
universal clip

The universal clip, unlike the captive clip can be used for horizontal and vertical orientation and makes use of the integrated clip to fix it to the One | m+.

There are several ways the universal clip can be used.

Universal Clip – different orientations and uses

Key Ring

Key Ring Clip

The clip acts as a key ring tag with the provided split ring.
This allows it to be slipped into the captive clip space and click into place.

It also can be used as a more flexible clip as an alternative to the integrated clip for thicker tops.

Belt Clip / Pocket Clip

Belt Clip / Pocket Clip One | m+

The belt clip is best used for horizontal openings such as pockets and belts.
It can also be used as a stand for table/surface mounting e.g. office desk, restaurant table etc.

One | m+ will release a list of other helpful uses soon – keep checking back for more information about ways to use the clip system.

Dual Clip

dual clip

Using the included screw plug – you can attach the Universal Clip to the body of the One | m+
This now gives you a clip to the left and the right of the unit and allows you to use as a double secure clip system for zipped tops such as tracing tops and lightweight jackets.
Sliding on clip into the left zip side and the other to the right – then bringing the zip to just under the unit allows the unit to remain very secure and fixed to the desired point.

How do I turn On and Off One | m+?2020-09-29T23:59:40+01:00

There is a small button located at the base of One | m+ to toggle on and off.
Firmly depress the button to turn on and off as required.

onem button render
How do I set the distance?2020-12-19T21:02:34+00:00

Setting up One | m+ is very simple and straight forward. In fact it was one of the design criteria for us.

The distance of the line is set by simply

  • Attach the device on where you will wear it
  • measuring your distance using a tape measure or the dedicated 1m USB cable provided
    (if you need 2m just lie the cable down and then flip it over at the end to get 2m = 2x the 1m)
  • Aim the beam at the end of the cable whilst stood at the start of the measurement.

For more details of how to set up One | m+ please see Instructions for set up page on our site.

Measure your required distance

Measure out from a fixed point such as a wall so that you can identify the point easily.

projected line

Once measured and with the One | m+ attached where you will wear it
Stand at the end of the measurement line,
turn on and aim the beam line at the other end of the line/fixed point.

One | m+ is now set up.

How do I charge the One | m+?2020-09-29T23:57:41+01:00

To charge the One | m+ you can use the Micro USB cable provided. This cable allows rapid charging via a USB power outlet, or power bank.
The voltage is the standard 5V USB charge.

To charge – connect the cable to the Micro USB socket and then connect the other end to your power source.

To one side of the USB socket is a small hole showing that the unit is charging. This will illuminate red or blue/green.
Blue/green means the internal battery is at full charge
Red means the battery is charging.

onem button render 1
Does the One | m+ track my movements?2020-09-30T00:00:46+01:00

Put simply – No.
One | m+ has no tracking or tracing or proximity alerting or screen.

We wanted to design a simple system that didn’t over think a solution,
didn’t need to use bluetooth or wide-band radio signals and one that didn’t require users to worry about whether their movements were being tracked and recorded.

Tracking and proximity systems can be used in combination with One | m+ to add even more scope – but we believe that keeping it simple is the key to being effective.

Can I attach One | m+ to a tubular surface, bike, pole or post?2020-09-30T00:01:11+01:00

Yes you can!
One | m+ has an integrated universal clip and a removable clip.
Depending on the orientation required you can use either or both clips provided and put cable ties through the clips and mount round a post.

Another option is to purchase a specialist bike clip used for mounting torches and lights to bicycle handlebars, bike frame or stem.
These can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon – we will release our own style cycle clip soon.

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