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Set up your One | m+

Social distancing, as easy as 1-2-3

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Define your required distance by either measuring the distance on the floor with a tape measure, using the 1m USB cable provided or by using a predefined distance such as socially distanced floor marks or lines.

Measuring out from where the wall meets the floor is helpful for acting as a static reference point.

Measure your required distance


Stand at one end of your defined measurement.
Attach the One | m+ to your clothing using the provided accessories.
Make sure the aperture is pointing away from face and eyes or reflective surfaces before turning on.

Placing the One | m+ centrally helps stability and avoids obstructions.
You can use the integrated and/or removable clips as well as the supplied disc and magnet to attach to clothing.

One | m+ wearing zones


Switch on the unit and rotate the large and small parts until a horizontal line meets the static point you defined.
In most cases this is approximately the first notch marked on the body.

Once the unit is set up, you can detach and reattach at the same location as required. Make a note of the position on the rotated parts and location on your body/clothing.

How to align your One | m+ beam line