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Laser Safety Facts


Laser products should only be used by responsible people and/or supervised children.

Training should be given as to the operational hazards involved with lasers with regards to Laser Safety.

Lasers sold in the U.K should be one of two classes below:

(click on links to external website laser safety facts for more information)

Information about these classes of laser can be found at – an independent site highly regarded as the go to for laser safety facts based on research, local laws and publications by experts and official documentation and regulations.


In the U.K, Australia, U.S. and the majority of E.U. countries Laser Safety is law.

It is illegal to target:

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Trams
  • Boats
  • Hovercraft
  • General Vehicles (Cars, Vans and Lorries etc)

Either deliberately or accidentally and Laser Safety is the responsibility of the user.

One | m+ Do’s and Do Not’s

One | m+ definitive social distancing

One | m+ is designed as a safety device and not a laser pointer or for any other means than for a social distancing aid.

It is designed to be used responsibly based on laser saftey regulations in your territory.

Please ensure you have immersed yourself in the local laws and regulations regarding laser use and operation.


  • look directly into the laser aperture when on – this is clearly marked on the unit
  • modify the product in anyway – this is dangerous not only because of the laser but also the internal battery
  • look directly at the reflected beam
  • point at any persons or vehicles either intentionally or unintentionally – this could result in legal action being taken against you
  • allow children to use without supervision and guidance
  • overheat or damage in anyway – should the product become damaged please dispose of correctly in accordance with local regulations – do not operate if any signs of damage are evident


  • Respect others around you
  • Use the product as intended – it is a safety tool designed to keep you and others at a safe distance
  • Ensure the beam/aperture is pointing away from people, face, eyes, and it aimed at the floor prior to switch on.
  • Ensure the product is securely fastened before switch on

One | m+ Laser Labeling

Depending on the version of One | m+ there will be a different label attached/included in/on the packaging.

Laser Safety Class 2

Class 2 Label

Laser Safety

Class 3R (IIIa) Label

Please check the version you have using the label information – this can be found on the product sticker and/or packaging.
Should the package or label not be accessible it is best use laser safety practice and assume the product is a Class 3R / IIIa.

All genuine One | m+ products come with a label stating the class with a QR/Datamatrix code linking to the laser safety documentation on this website.

above laser safety label images are representative of the type of label found on the product. These images have been taken from